Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Orangey Goodness thrift store ice bucket

Spray painted ice bucket
Originally uploaded by amandagrace87

I was inspired to re-do an ice bucket by Jess at How About Orange and I have always wanted one since working at Crate & Barrel eight years ago. It just seemed like a nice grown-up thing to have. And since I am an official grown up now, i.e. have a mortgage, retirement funds, life insurance, I thought I should have one. Still didn't have room for it but once I saw this wood grained one at the local thrift store I couldn't help myself.

I unscrewed the wooden handles to pull out the plastic insert, cleaned the rusty interior of the metal with CLR to the best of my ability. Spray painted the outside wood grain-looking metal and the interior with high gloss orange Rustoleum spray paint. Used olive oil to freshen up the wood bits (couldn't find anything else around the house, but the EVOO seemed to do the trick). Polished up the chrome lid and base and re-assembled. Voila - upcycled thrift store ice bucket for less than $8!

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