Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Teacup Candles

So a while ago I got obsessed with the idea of teacup candles, I must have seen them at a store or something. So I researched them on Etsy and decided I could make them myself. Isn't that always the way you get embroiled in some project, "I could make that, I'm not going to buy it." And then you end up spending tons of money to make like one thing. You should have just bought it for the $20 or whatever.
Well, I bought the supplies from this Etsy supplier, and practiced a little in an espresso cup, and then I poured two of these tea cups. My God mother gave me these small china tea cups and saucers several years ago and I never used them, so I thought they would make a good gift for someone. I'm actually not really into candles, there's a family history of big fires, so candles are a non-issue in my house.
In any case, you melt the wax in a pot measuring the temp with a candy thermometer, add the scent and color, if so desired, and pour into the cup with the wick that you have already coated in wax. The wick is held in place with a stabilizing base which is a small metal disk that you thread the wick through and then hot glue to the bottom of the cup. Then you have to stabilize the top of the wick by wrapping it around something like a kitchen skewer (that was the tricky part for me). The wax is soy wax that comes in flakes so it melts quickly, and cleans up with soap and water so you can actually re-use the cup. The wax burns slower and cleaner, it's the new thing in candles apparently. I am planning to give the candles as a hostess gift or something like that. I think it would be a really nice bridal shower favor too.

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