Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Week - Hats of to Honeycrisp Apples

I just learned about Honeycrisp apples this season and I am in love, I never want to eat another variety of apple again! They are very crisp and do have a slight honey taste, as named. Last night I made an impromptu apple crumble with the remaining apples I had as I have to go out of town this week and they would've gone bad - what a waste!

From P.L. Elliott's New Kid on the Block:

Richard Weidman, of the University of Wisconsin Experimental Station, claims the Honeycrisp apple is a "Midwest success story." In an industryincreasingly dominated by recent imports - the Gala from New Zealand, the Fuji from Japan - the Honeycrisp is making surprising inroads. These apples certainly live up to their trademarked "Explosively Crisp" moniker. "It snaps. The piece of apple almost pops off into your mouth," says University of Minnesota Horticulture Professor Jim Luby, one of the new apple's developmental godfathers.

A winning all-purpose apple, the Honeycrisp offers a pleasingly crisp sweet-tart bite, but they are not limited to out-of-hand eating. These apples also star in the kitchen- any recipe in which apples are featured will be improved when using the HoneycrispIn the history of the apple industry, the Honeycrisp variety is a "new kid" on the block. Developed by the University of Minnesota from a Macoun and Honeygold cross (the Honeygold itself a cross between the Golden Delicious and Haralson), the new apple variety was introduced in 1991. Luby believes the Honeycrisp to be "the best, most exciting apple we've ever introduced." Weidman wholeheartedly agrees.

Introduction to Honeycrisps and the quote via Dave Sandell.

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