Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Week - Pumpkin Decorating

This week at work we decorated pumpkins to go out to our sites where the seniors we serve could enjoy them. Of course I was super enthusiastic again, because this was a sanctioned work crafting moment. So I downloaded several templates from Better Homes and Gardens (via Jess at How About Orange). I carefully cut them out with the exacto knife I brought from home (I don't know how an office can survive without one but we didn't have one). The office manager had brought in lots of acrylic paints so we were off and running. All I wanted to do were silhouettes, but a few others joined me and we created the pumpkins above. Overall a very nice way to waste about 2 hours at work.


Jess said...

Hi there, Amanda! Where do you work that they let you do crafts??

Amanda G said...

Well, I don't work there anymore, at their choosing, but it was a senior housing company and we sent the pumpkins out to the sites for the seniors to enjoy.