Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Recent Ebay Find

Somehow I recently started obsessing over vintage Pyrex bowls. I figured they weren't incredibly expensive and they were still readily available, and very useful. After discovering the site Pyrex Love I determined what I really wanted was a set of Autumn Harvest opalware Cinderella bowls. The Cinderella style refers to the handles/spouts on either side of the bowl and separates them from the completely round and straight sided mixing bowls. My mother had a set of blue opalware mixing bowls and I still have a set of 3 blue glass Pyrex mixing bowls (that I now need to get rid of). But with my new orange obsession I absolutely needed a new set of orange bowls. The set I ended up with was an original 4-bowl set that was used but in good condition.

The Autumn Harvest pattern was put into service in 1979 and made until 1986 when the rest of the opalware line of Pyrex was discontinued. Just a little useless trivia for you.

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