Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Casserole Carriers

My newest thing, or the thing I was into making last, was casserole carriers. If you're like me, someone asks you to bring some food item at least twice a month, and sometimes it can be difficult to hold or carry in the car. I looked around on the internet quite a bit for something very functional and cute, that I could make. I finally found a pattern and bought it.
It makes an oblong carrier like the ones I've made plus a round one for smaller dishes. The oblong carrier works best for smaller rectangular dishes like a 2 quart dish, a 3 quart dish is a squeeze, and you really can't be squeezing a hot dish into the carrier, not convenient. So I think I will modify the pattern to accommodate the larger dish with a lid, comfortably. If I figure out how to create a pdf of the pattern I'll post it, because I have modified a few other aspects, like handle length. I have also used upcycled bedsheets instead of fabric from the store, it makes the materials very reasonable and then the gift is in the labor of quilting and assembling.

Here is another one I did, tied with a buffet spoon, if was a big hit for bridal showers.

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