Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glass Etching - Casserole Dishes

As part of my newest gift idea, I have etched the new names of the brides to be on the side of a glass casserole dish. This is the practice one I made for myself.

It's super easy but looks very customized.

First you print the name or word you want etched on your computer, best to use sans serif fonts, less to cut around.

Tape the printout to the inside of the dish.

Apply clear contact paper on the outside of the dish.

Use craft knife to trace around word or image through the contact paper. Peel positive image off leaving the negative.

Apply Armour glass etching cream, available at craft stores, with a foam brush on top of cut out letters, careful not to get any on you, it's toxic.

Let sit for 5-10 minutes as directed.

Wash off in sink. Remove contact paper and taped paper.

Wash and rinse well and you're done!


Pal said...

That is really nice

Jess said...

Amanda, I didn't know you did this! Just read the email from Beth. Nice work!

Margie Moon said...

We have several supplies and tools for glass etching, but are always on the lookout for great examples of fun projects.

Thanks for sharing!